TV LED LG Ultra HD 4K 3D

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30 Dec 2021
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Specification of TV LED LG Ultra HD 4K 3D


65 "screen

IPS Display Quantum 4 k

HDR Super

Web OS 3.0

Sound Designed by harman/kardon

Make you look amazing experience. all that is needed is on the LG SUPER UHD television. even before you turn it on, the ultra-slim LG SUPER UHD TV looks charming. bring any color life with LG SUPER UHD to Watch Your favorite scenes with pictures and pixel soft like being inside the screenUHD SUPER TV, LG TV is the best so far for displaying the content of HDR mastered in Dolby vision. See how entertainment comes alive with dramatic color, contrast and exceptional resolution.


* Dolby vision will be available through software update, which requires an Internet connection

HDR SUPER with Dolby Vision

Technology LG SUPER UHD TV High Dynamic Range (HDR Super) fully support Dolby vision. image brighter, sharper stated with accurate color dan interesting detail the viewers in. When you see on the screen, you'll feel as though you are actually in the scene


DolbyVision, Why Does It Matter?

HDR SUPER supports Dolby, which ensures bright, sharper image with better contrast and improved striking colors. with the new wave of video titles available in the Dolby vision, you can be sure you are seeing the entertainment the way it was meant to be seen.

* Dolby vision will be available through the reformeran software, which requires an Internet connection.

* Software update schedule will be announced on the homepage. Please visit URLG.COM > > Support Announcement


IPS Display Quantum 4 k

IPS 4 k Display set LG Quantum SUPER UHD TV from other TV UHD

with billions of colors more vibrant, so the picture in LG SUPER UHD TV look real and natural as the original. assisted with the LG IPS panel can be seen from every point of view will not change any of the same sekali


Color Prime Plus

colorPrime Plus has a wider color to express a clear image with detail. The LG SUPER UHD TV delivers more pleasure with a variety of great colors realistically.

Billion Rich colors

Feature rich colors divide and subdivide the colors in the spectrum. This allows for a more accurate color adjustments in the entire spectrum of color. the end result is 64 times the colors of clear TV LG dibandingkan the conventional LCD TVS,

Wide Viewing AngleFitur rich colors divide and subdivide the colors in the spectrum. This allows for a more accurate color adjustments in the entire spectrum of color. the end result is 64 times the colors of LG TV clear compared to conventional LCD TVS,


Wide Viewing Angle

The image on the screen maintain integrity from every point of view. This allows you to enjoy a dynamic color

ULTRA-LOW Luminance


ULTRA Luminance change state from bright to dark areas to improve contrast. combine the uncanny ability of LG SUPER UHD TV Check the darkness with the contrast between dark and light, and you have an image that is sharp and clear as real life.


With screen panels that are integrated into the metal frame, ultra-slim, LG SUPER UHD TV screen that resembles a beautiful crescent moon stands. beautiful design makes a statement-LG SUPER UHD TV is a work of art.


Harman/kardon ®

the sound quality is another part of the really fancy from TV LG TV broadcast UHD SUPER equipped with premium sound from harman/kardon ®

WebOS 3.0

Latest Web feature O. S 3.0 we can enjoy with its convenience in using applications and more quickly in browsing we want from Web O. S previous LG 2.0

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom can zoom imageson screen while viewers are watching. with the Zoom button on the remote control, the scene can be zoomed in to capture the details.


Magic Mobile Connection

Enjoy all that is in your gadget in LG TV WEB O. S 3.0, just by using a Wi-Fi connection, they can enjoy their music and video applications on a large screen.

Remote Magic

Allows you to use the TV remote in mauoun internet connection in watching usual

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