LG LED TV 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Web O.S 75 "75UH656T

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06 Jan 2022
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Specification of LG LED TV 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Web O.S 75 "75UH656T


HDR Pro adjust the brightness of the screen to bring the picture becomes more vivid and real. UHD with LG TV, you can improve the color by adjusting the brightness of the screen. Enjoy the content becomes more alive and real with HDR Pro.

Colour Prime

ColorPrime Pro creates live images using a variety of colors. LG TV brings true joy UHD with richer colors.

Wide Viewing angle

With layar with wide viewing angle, you can enjoy images with the same quality from every point of view. This allows you to enjoy life and vibrant color from each seat in your living room.


Ultra-low Luminance

ULTRA-LOW Luminance works by sending a current that was in the dark areas to be displayed more brighter and increase contrast. LG OLED TV has the ability to display a dark color so that the audience can enjoy imagesmore sharp and clear.


3D Colour efficiency of mapping

3D Color Mapping can display colors become more vivid with the 3D algorithm Gamut Mapping. This makes the audience can enjoy natural color by minimizing the distortion of color.

Local Dimming

Local Dimming allows the TV screen may share some part to set the light. Because the light is controlled in units of block, Local Dimming can reveal details in each area of the screen. This is memungkinkan viewers to enjoy the black color more clearly and sharply.


Energy savings

These features include control of light background that lets you adjust the screen brightness to conserve energy.

Ultra Slim

Ultra Slim design presents a slim and thin TV as well as innovative. ULTRA Slim design not only provides incredible space savings but also enhance the aesthetics of a modern décor.

Metallic Design

With a sleek, futuristic, metallic, design your TV increases the aesthetic in your room


ULTRA Surround speakers allows two conventional channel functions as a virtual seven-channel speakers. This combination maximizes the resolution by voting with 4 k technology ULTRA Surround.                  


LG Smart TV 3.0 webOS is designed into a clear easy and provide exciting experiences, making it simple and fun to use. Now, all you have to do is relax webOS 3.0 make the experience better TV than ever before.

The official LG warranty

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