LG Top Loading BIG Capacity With 6 Motion DD Motor 17Kg TSA17ND6

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of LG Top Loading BIG Capacity With 6 Motion DD Motor 17Kg TSA17ND6

LG Top Loading BIG Capacity With 6 Motion DD Motor 17Kg TSA17ND6


    Direct Drive Motor ™ Inverter

    Direct drive motors in our washing machines have a toughness as well as no noise. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. In fact we provide a 10 year warranty for the driving force and spare parts as part of our sales service standards.
    6Motion DD

    6Motion DD combines optimized motion for each type of fabric, provides good wash performance, and reduces damage to your laundry.
    More Hygienic With Heater

    Laundering as well as hygienic treatments with better results for your clothing collection
    Big-in System

    The design of this tube has a sophisticated stabilizer technology in a small but large-capacity washing machine, which saves space at home up to 18.4. This means you can wash up to 12kg in a 21 "(540mm) washing machine
    Turboshot ™

    Power of strong waves and Jet Sprays are perfectly balanced for reliable washing performance thanks to Direct Drive Moter Inverter.
    Tub Clean +

    Clean the tub by turning 60 ℃ hot water in it to clean the dirt and germs from every corner of the washing machine including those you do not see. The Tub Clean feature provides 99 levels of sterilization for cleaner washing results.
    Smart ThinQ

    Enjoy the unprecedented sophistication in the washing machine. The freedom of remote control that commands the washing machine to wash, download a new washing program to adjust the need to know the problems that occur in your washing machine. All just through a smartphone
    Modern and Comfortable Design

    Besides offering efficient and innovative features, a modern and robust design ensures comfort and safety

    Hygienic Stainless Steel Tubes

    Stainless steel tubes are more hygienic to make the laundry cleaner. Hygienic treatment and washing using the LG washing machine also proved to be better.

    Big Capacity

    Bigger wash tubes make it able to do more clothes at once in a wash. Even able to wash large materials such as bed cover or curtains

    Dimensions: 632 x 670 x 1020 mm

    Category Washing Machine

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