LG Refrigerator 2 Door 570 Liters-GC-D572HLAL (Door-In-Door)

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30 Dec 2021
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Specification of LG Refrigerator 2 Door 570 Liters-GC-D572HLAL (Door-In-Door)

LG refrigerator 2 door 570 litres of GC-D572HLAL (Door-In-Door) with graceful design very suitable decorates your home space and is ideally suited to meet your needs everyday.


  • Easy acces and up to 40% less cool water loss

  • Door-In-Door ™

  • Smart Inverter Compresor

  • Fresh hygiene + ™

Door-in-Door ™

Door-In-Door ™trong > keep cold air up to 41% of the open door of a refrigerator usually.

-Easy is opened simply by pressing the One touch.

-New Design more elegant and sophisticated design with double glazed door LG u.

* Disclaimer: based on Intertek testing according to internal test method measures the percentage of the reduction in the exchange rate of the air when opening the door in the door ™ compared to the door fridge for 10 seconds. Results vary byduration model and open the door.

Smart Inverter Compressor

-Energy Saving LG Inverter compressor capacity and adjust to the cangkupan of the room in the closet esdengan adjust the cooling power for better energy efficiency. Cooling power is automatically set in accordance with the inside and outside of the fridge temperature conditions.

-Inverter Compressor makes your kitchen quiet room far awayfrom the noise of the compressor often sound you hear

-Compressor Inverter can be adjusted to any level of the temperatures. So noise can be controlled effectively. Day and night.

-LG produce superior compressor Inverter and applies compressor optimized for different products. So, it allows 10 year warranty.

Fresh 0 Zone

Fresh 0 zone control at a temperature of about 0 ℃ and itu will help you start cooking without the time-consuming disbursement. in order to remain fresh and not frozen too

Led Lighting

47% LED lights brighter than ordinary incandescent light bulbs and electricity consumption five times more efficient as well as more durable. The heat produced is lower than incandescent bulbs and light tubes, preventing a rise in temperature in the fridge.

Moving Ice Tray

Twist ice Tray from LG canremovable and sliding in for whenever you need a larger freezer space

Smart Diagnosis ™

LG Smart Diagnosis ™ is a quick and easy way to solve the problem with your gadget without waiting for the technician. Just make a call to LG customer service channels, place the phone into the tool, and the tool will then transmit a signal back to the computer diagnosis that can deliver a diagnosis within seconds so soluthe instant can be provided

Premium Design

cleaner design premium & the design application of micro Diamond pattern & inside the compartment.

Tempered Glass Shelf

Strong enough for heavy food and also prevent spills and makes it easy to clean up

3D Cooling (Optional)

LG 3D Cooling allows the temperature anywhere up the corners of the room d

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