LED TV 43" TOSHIBA Digital TV - 43L3750

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of LED TV 43" TOSHIBA Digital TV - 43L3750

TOSHIBA LED TV 43 "HD Ready Digital TV - 43L3750VJ
    MHL Connection
    Smart way of life
    Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) Gives two great benefits to you. One is a connection with your Smart Phone to display all its contents onto a large screen TV. Others as electric chargers where your Smart Phone will be repopulated while connected to the TV so you can enjoy the content almost non-stop. Pro Theater extends your entertainment world and stays with you even when you hold a Smart phone.
    Personal Video Recording (PVR)
    Organize the way you watch TV
    With Pro Theater, you do not have to adjust your lifestyle to watch what you want because we tailor it to you. You can easily record and play back a digital TV show with a storage device (USB Flash drive or HDD) *, EPG (Electronic Program Guide) will help you find, save, and record your desired TV show quickly and easily.
    Perfect lighting balance
    USB Movie
    Many Movies in Hand (2 USB Ports)
    Cevo Engine
    Image is more vivid
    High performance machine for reproducing images. The most colorful images essentially maximize your emotions. At any time, CEVO Engine analyzes and adjusts the image quality of the content, and reproduces images in more detail and in depth. You will be watching as real as possible content in the best visual entertainment.
    Continuous Viewing Timer
    Caring for children
    Friendly features both for children and parents at one time. When you turn this feature on through the application menu, the alarm is set to 60/120/180 minutes for continuous time of view. As we want you to enjoy the Pro Theater, we also care about your eyes!
    Contrast Booster
    See something as real
    Accurate image contrast to show something as real. This essence emphasizes and maximizes the depth of the image color. As a result, every object you see on TV, you feel that they are there in real terms.
    10-bit Video Processing
    You can enjoy the image with soft color gradation!
    Active Motion Resolution + (AMR +)
    Capture every moment or object moving image with perfect image fracture
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